Is your child intense, sensitive, persistent, demanding…or just generally “more?” Are you raising a strong-willed child who is having behavior problems?

Do you have a child who constantly pushes your buttons and never takes no for an answer? Maybe any little change in plans or routines bring on tears or tantrums.

Is your child overwhelmed by sensations…smells, noises, textures, lights, or moods? Do people describe your child as “busy” and energetic?

Perhaps your child “has a memory like an elephant” and holds onto feelings or experiences far longer then what is healthy. Is your child lovable, bright, and creative-but has strong mood changes or “big” feelings?

Spirited KidsSpirited (or High Need) Children

You know you have this type of child if you find yourself exhausted and challenged daily by your child. This is the child that “locks onto” ideas or desires and refuses to let go. The one who always reacts strongly to both good and bad situations; holding nothing back. These children have an abundance of energy and insatiable curiosity. They can be irregular in their sleep, eating, and interests. Spirited children often have trouble adapting to change and can be highly sensitive to sensations and emotions. The spirited child is often labeled, whether it be ADHD, Anxiety, Fussy, High Need, Gifted, Depressed, Oppositional Defiant, or Autism Spectrum.

Spirited KidsGive the Greatest Gift

I have years of experience working with these unique and fascinating children in therapy. A wonderful gift that we can provide spirited children is teaching them how to regulate their intense emotions and strong behavioral responses. Through individual and family therapy children become more aware of their emotions and reactions. They begin to understand how they are perceived by and affect others. Through play and conversation I can help them discover their triggers, develop coping skills, and increase self-control.

Your Child Can Enrich Your Life

Families tell me that through the therapy process, they gain a deeper understanding of their child’s needs, desires, emotions…just generally what makes them tick. I help parents learn to focus on their child’s strengths and appreciate their gifts. You will learn to feed her curiosity, explore his interests, and grow as a person and a parent.

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