Family Life Not How You Pictured It?

Are you or your family feeling disconnected? Maybe “quality time” is practically nonexistent as you rush from activity to activity, struggling to balance a fast-paced life. Family dinners have fallen by the wayside and you find each person absorbed in their own interests. Family counseling can help you bridge the chasm between you and your family. Family counseling can help you develop new priorities, rituals, and routines that draw you closer. You can have the family you’ve always dreamed of.

Family Counseling

Does your home feel more like a battlefield than a peaceful refuge? Are you tired of walking on eggshells just waiting for the next explosion? No matter how hard you try, you, your partner, and your children just cannot understand each other. When relationships are always on edge, family life may begin to feel like an added burden to an already stressful life. Family counseling is an opportunity to learn new communication skills and ways to express feelings positively.

Perhaps some unexpected changes have occurred in your life. Job loss, relocation, a new baby, health problems, financial stress, divorce, or remarriage can affect the whole family. Family counseling can be helpful to manage the transitions of life and hold your family together during difficult times. Counseling can help you identify the effects on your children and develop strategies to handle changes in the best way possible.

Family Counseling Can Help

In family counseling, I focus on supporting the family as a whole. No one person is identified as the “problem” that needs to be fixed. Each family member impacts the others, leading to a unique family dynamic. At times, stress or challenges can make families feels stuck. Through family counseling, we work together with the goal of improving cooperation and harmony within the family. Counseling offers an opportunity for each person to express their feelings, to be heard, and have their opinions respected. In family counseling, I facilitate difficult conversations and support each family member in finding their voice within the conversation. Families learn to work as a team with mutual goals and healthy communication.

Through family counseling you can create a sanctuary of peace and balance in your household. After family counseling, you may look forward to spending time with loved ones and appreciate the unique qualities of each member of your family.

Start your journey today to the healthy family connections you long for. Please, contact me to schedule an initial, in-person session to see if I am the right fit for your family.