Do You Feel Lost in a Void of Sadness?

Have you been feeling sad, irritable or depressed? Maybe even getting out of bed and facing the day seems impossible. Do you lie awake at night, desperately wishing to fall asleep? Maybe you feel dull and listless, with no energy. Has your appetite or weight changed recently? Maybe the thought of being intimate or even snuggling with your significant other feels repulsive.

depression treatment

Perhaps you just feel numb, and cannot enjoy anything or anyone that used to bring you pleasure. Do you feel like you are drowning in a swirling whirlpool of despair and guilt? Or maybe you have even reached the point of feeling that everyone would be better off if you weren’t around anymore.

You feel alone and isolated even when surrounded by others. It seem

s there is no escape from the dark shadow of sadness. The depression, self-hatred, and loneliness press in no matter where you go, or what you do. You need help.

You Are Not Alone

Depression in women is more common than you know. In fact, 1 in 5 women will develop major depression at some point in their life. For some women, depression can be triggered by hormonal changes, such as during menstrual cycles or when menopause begins. For other women, pregnancy, a traumatic or difficult birth, or overwhelming postpartum adjustment can bring on depression. Fertility challenges, miscarriage, or even stillbirth often trigger despair. Sometimes the stress of parenting or a major life changes such as marriage, moves, unemployment, or new jobs cause sadness. Chronic problems in relationships or the loss of a loved one are also triggers.

Women focus much of their self-worth on their relationships. They often sacrifice their own health and needs in an effort to care for others. The struggle of balancing the demands of marriage, parenthood, careers, a social life, and possibly caring for aging parents can come at a cost. Many women are able to make it through their day-to-day activities, but feel a constant sense of unhappiness lurking in the background. Women who are depressed are also more likely to be experiencing other problems like anxiety, alcohol or drug abuse, or eating problems.

In spite of women’s unique challenges, they also have an amazing capacity for healing and growth. You deserve to heal and feel happy again. If you are ready to discover more about yourself and break free of the sadness that brings you down, I am here to help.

Depression Treatment for Women

As a woman, a professional, a mother, wife, a daughter, friend, and sister I have personal experience with the struggles that women face on a daily basis. I enjoy guiding women in a journey of self-exploration: of their needs, emotions, and identity. Through conversation we can explore how your past may be affecting you in the present. We can work together to recognize your negative thoughts and change them to a more positive outlook. As we develop a relationship I make every effort to see the whole you and challenge negative views you have of yourself. I openly ask for and accept all of your emotional experiences. It is my desire to offer women a safe space to freely be themselves.

During counseling, I support women in putting limits on their giving and taking more time for themselves. Creative outlets such as drawing, writing, journaling, or even cooking can be powerful methods of healing. Spending time in nature, doing pleasurable activities, or engaging in regular exercise are also frequent recommendations. I will support you in taking care of yourself as well as others. Through depression treatment, I try to help women regain hope and experience joy again. My ultimate goal is to strengthen you in your mind, body, and spirit.

Depression treatment can help you find pleasure in your children and improve your relationship with your partner. It can teach new ways to cope, help you gain control over your emotions, and learn to manage stress.

Call For Help

Everyone needs help once in a while. Please, don’t suffer any longer. Call me today and let me help you find your true self while living life fully.