Counseling for ChildrenHas your child been more sad, withdrawn, or unmotivated recently? Does fear and anxiety keep your child from enjoying typical childhood activities? Are there changes in your child’s life that are causing stress?

I understand that people often feel uncertain about seeking help from a psychologist and are unsure what to expect from counseling for children. First, know that many kids, and families experience difficulties coping with stress or feelings.  Those that look for help find that they feel happier, more connected, and more confident after therapy.

Counseling for children helps them learn new skills and build stronger relationships.

Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers:

For babies and young children I offer parent-child therapy which is excellent to support family relationships.  This is often called dyadic therapy or family therapy. For young children in particular, I feel that parents or caregivers should be actively involved in the therapy process to provide safety, support, and to learn new ways of interacting with their child. Parents often say that dyadic therapy helps them understand their child’s needs, fears, feelings, and behaviors much better and leaves them feeling more confident as a parent.

Children and Adolescents:

Parent-child, individual, family, or play therapy are all options depending on the concerns and the needs of the family. Counseling gives children a place to express feelings safely and without judgement, to learn new ways to cope, and to improve self-esteem and behavior. Counseling for children can also help parents understand their child’s needs and work together as a family to meet them.

If your child is having any of the following difficulties, I may be able to help.

Aggression/TantrumsPlay Therapy

Social Skill Issues

ADHD or Autism symptoms





Trauma and Abuse

Developmental Concerns (e.g. toileting, feeding, sleep)

Adjustment /Transitions (e.g. divorce, school change, new baby)

Learning Problems

Habits (e.g, smoking, overeating, nail biting, tics)


Contact Me now to schedule an initial appointment when we can carefully discuss your child’s needs and devise a plan together to see change. You may also want to review my FAQs on therapy page to know what to expect when choosing to work with me.