Personal care and support during a vulnerable and meaningful time in a woman’s life.

Would you like to reduce stress, fear, and anxiety during pregnancy?

Do you desire a closer connection to your unborn baby?

Experiencing pregnancy discomfort that you would like to reduce?

postpartum counseling

Clinical hypnotherapy for pregnancy and birth preparation can help you achieve all of these goals and more. One-on-one hypnotherapy sessions can help you gain a state of deep peace and calm, where you can feel totally at one with yourself – and with the one within. Sessions will focus on developing a personalized hypnosis recording for you to keep and listen to throughout your pregnancy.


  Preparation to handle this life changing event with ease and comfort.

Are you hoping for a comfortable, stable birth?

 Hypnotherapy sessions will target birth preparation designed to reassure and relax you about the upcoming birth process. Self-hypnosis skills will also be taught to use during labor, birth, and the postpartum period. Hypnotherapy can increase bonding, reduce pain and discomfort, and ease the transition to breastfeeding.


Support with the transition to parenting

At your wit’s end with a baby that won’t stop crying?

Tried everything you can think of to get your baby to eat?

Having trouble getting your baby to sleep?

postpartum counseling2

Parent-infant sessions and parent coaching are offered for new and experienced parents. Together we can figure out a plan to get you some sleep and feed your picky eater. You will learn to read your baby’s cues, increase your choices of parenting strategies, and improve your bond.


Guidance and support following birth and with any life challenge you face.

Feeling anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed?

Is motherhood different than you imagined?

The postpartum period is an emotional time for all moms. But, if you have experienced sadness, constant worry, or intrusive thoughts for more than 2 weeks you may have postpartum depression or anxiety. You are not alone; I am here to help. Postpartum counseling  can increase your confidence as a mom and bring joy back to your life. You can learn new skills to cope and to change negative thoughts or emotions with positive ones. Through postpartum counseling you will be able to relax more and enjoy  your baby.

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