Attachment Quiz


Test your knowledge of attachment. Answer the following true-false questions. Don’t peek at the answers until you’re done!


1. Young children form bonds with many different caregivers during their first 2 years.


2. Parent-child attachment relationships do not impact brain development.


3. Babies should not always be picked when they cry because it might “spoil” them.


4. Parents need to be careful not to “overstimulate” little kids.


5. Young children without a healthy attachment relationship can overcome this if given deep care and attention.






The answer to the first three statements is FALSE; the answer to the last two statements is TRUE.


Research tells us:

1. Small children typically form 1-2 strong attachment relationships with primary caregivers from birth through age 2.


2. The quality of the attachment relationship seriously impacts healthy brain development. The bond shapes development of language, learning, motor skills, and feelings through development of trillions of neural connections in an infant’s brain.


3. Immediate and consistent comforting of babies when they are distressed actually improves the attachment relationship and does not spoil children. It helps them feel secure and safe.


4. Too much stimulation through sounds, play, and activity can be stressful to young children. This can cause emotional or behavioral problems at times.


5. If children did not have consistent parenting when young, the right support, care, and intervention can still help them make strong, secure attachment relationships.



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