Is Anxiety Taking Over Your Life?

Are you always on edge, just waiting for a catastrophe to hit? Do you feel like your thoughts are constantly on a spin cycle, with worry and fear swirling around and around? Maybe you are having trouble concentrating or forget important tasks in spite of the time spent worrying about them. Do move through your day in a frantic rush to be somewhere and still end up late?anxiety treatment

Perhaps you are plagued with aches, pains, stiffness, and tension; you just never feel well. Do you toss and turn at night, repeatedly reviewing your to-do list in your mind and panicking over the thought of never getting it all done? Or maybe you have multiple fears or phobias- of small spaces, animals, flying, heights, crowds, or of being ill.

Chronic anxiety is debilitating and can make you feel powerless in your own life. The constant adrenaline rush is making you sick. Worry and panic sap your energy and strength to deal with even daily responsibilities. The edginess makes you irritable and you find yourself snapping at everyone around you. Overcome by dread, you can feel the waves of panic flood through you. Suddenly your heart is racing, you feel dizzy, and you can’t catch your breath. Whether you experience specific fears or general anxiety, the worry depletes your resources and makes it impossible to let go and just relax.

Anxiety is Common in Women

Perhaps you have been living with constant fear or worry since you were a child. Or, maybe you have always cruised along, so used to the ever-present sense of tension and anxiety, that you have not recognized the damage it is doing to you and your life, until now. Or perhaps the intensity of your anxiety did not start until you became burdened by more and more responsibilities and bigger shoes to fill as wife, mom, employee, friend, or daughter. Whichever the case, you are not alone. In general, women are diagnosed with anxiety disorders twice as often as men. Women’s anxiety is often related to the fact that they are required to wear many different “hats” and take on overwhelming responsibilities that men do not. Women are also more sensitive to relationship stress than men.

If you are searching for an oasis of peace from the pressures of life, I am here to help. Anxiety treatment can help you regain a sense of calm and contentment.

You Don’t Have to Live with Anxiety

These are feelings that you don’t have to just live with. Through anxiety treatment, I will help you learn to talk positively to yourself and halt constant “what-if” thinking. Through our conversations, you will be able to change your anxious viewpoint and see even difficult situations as more manageable. In my approach to anxiety treatment I focus heavily on helping women learn stress management techniques and practice ways to reduce feelings of agitation or tension. You may learn how deep breathing, mindfulness exercises, self-hypnosis, or even yoga can help you relax.

Anxiety treatment can improve your sleep by calming your body and quieting your mind. Your self-confidence will increase and you will be able to experience a richer, fuller life by breaking free of the shackles of anxiety.

Call for Help

If you are ready for change, I can help you take back control of your life. I admire your courage in seeking help and taking the first steps to free yourself from the cycle of worry.

I invite you to call me to schedule an initial appointment to see if I am the right fit for your needs.