Forms to fill out before your first visit

Woodlands Child Intake Packet

Woodlands Adult Intake Packet

Please complete and bring the forms  with you. Having them filled out ahead of time will allow you time to recall details I’m requesting and will allow me to focus on hearing your “story” during our first meeting rather than paperwork.

We cannot meet if it is not completed fully at the time of the session. Children should not be present during the intake, as sensitive information will be discussed.

What to bring to the first session

Any school records, previous evaluations, or other background information are typically helpful.

If you are not the biological parent of the child, it is necessary to bring a copy of the court decree giving you custody rights to the client or a signed statement giving authorization for you to bring the client to treatment. If you are a biological parent and have partial or joint custody, please bring a copy of your divorce agreement. Therapy is most successful when both parents are aware of and agree to the child receiving services.

***Please note that both parents have legal rights to obtain a child’s records and participate in the therapy process, unless their rights have been completely terminated.

Thanks for choosing my practice and I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Pasqua